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This is the current Band Repertoire. The Chanter versions are approx 60-75 percent playback speed for practice purposes.

Set / Tune Title Tune Type   1sts   2nds   1sts+2nds
2/4s(C) MAP   Pipes Chant   Pipes Chant   Pipes Chant
Rantin' Rovin' Robin 2/4 March              
Jeannie's Bawbee 2/4 March              
The Sweet Maid of Glendaruel 2/4 March              
The Brown Haired Maiden 2/4 March              
3/4s Set 1                  
The Green Hills of Tyrol 3/4 March      
When The Battle's O'er 3/4 March      
Lochanside 3/4 March      
3/4s Set 2                  
My Land 3/4 March      
Castle Dangerous 3/4 March      
Balmoral 3/4 March      
MSR(C) MAP                  
Captain Norman Orr Ewing 2/4 March              
Molly Connell Strathspey              
The Campbeltown Kiltie Ball Strathspey              
The Blackberry Bush Reel              
4/4s Set 1                  
Scotland The Brave 4/4 March      
Rowan Tree 4/4 March      
Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie 4/4 March      
The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill 4/4 March      
4/4s Set 2                  
51st Highland Division 4/4 March              
Lord Lovat's Lament 4/4 March              
Flett From Flotta 4/4 March              
Killiecrankie 4/4 March              
4/4s Set 3                  
Caber Feidh 4/4 March              
The Hills Of Alva 4/4 March      
6/8s Set 1                  
Leaving Port Askaig 6/8 March              
Mrs Lily Christie 6/8 March              
6/8s Set 2                  
The Colquhoun's March 6/8 March              
The Steam Boat 6/8 March              
Kenmure's Up And Awa' Wullie 6/8 March              
Bonnie Dundee 6/8 March      
Hornpipe Set                  
Gofurit Hornpipe              
Sandy's New Chanter (Pts 1&2) Hornpipe              
Medley Set 1                  
Farewell To The Creeks 6/8 March              
Leaving Lismore 6/8 Slow Air              
Medley Set 2                  
La Baum (Intro and Outtro) Slow Air      
Rocking the Baby Jig              
Solus na Madainn Slow Air              
Slow Airs Set (Tune Up Set)                  
The Waters Of Kylescu 6/8 Slow March              
My Home In The Hills 6/8 Slow March              
My Home In The Hills - Version 2 6/8 Slow March              
Highland Cathedral 4/4 Slow Air              
Skye Boat Song 6/8 Slow Air              
Flower Of Scotland 6/8 Slow March              
Dark Island 6/8 Slow Air              
Highland Laddie (for Mass Band Salutes) 2/4 March